Marine Consulting

We provide Pre-purchase and Insurance Risk Surveying, Salvage & Disaster Response, Expert Report Writing & Expert Witness Representation, Dispute Resolution, Project Management

Pre-purchase and Insurance Risk Surveying

An in and out of water inspection of the vessel complemented by a detailed report outlining the vessel condition, defects and recommendations.

Salvage & Disaster Response

Damage or loss to a vessel can occur at any time and in difficult to access regions. Our team have managed vessel salvage nationally for many of Australia’s largest Insurers, our knowledge and data base of contractors ensures, rapid and effective response to disasters.

Expert Report Writing & Expert Witness Representation

All of Assess Marine Surveyors hold trade qualifications in the fields of Marine Engineering and vessel Construction and Design – Shipwright. Our team hold additional qualifications and experience across multiple fields within the marine industry making Assess Marine the right choice for expert representation.

Dispute Resolution

Having more than 40 years of Insurance assessing work combined, the team at Assess Marine have extensive experience in resolving complex disputes in a factual, timely and respectful manner.

Project Management

We understand that large and small additions, repairs or modifications to a vessel can involve multiple trades and lead to costly out of water fees. At Assess Marine we understand the process required and the order with which they should be carried out ensuring the most effective methods are utilised to complete your project.

Marine Consulting


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