Marine Surveying

Assess Marine provide a quick and efficient marine surveying service across Australia and the Pacific.

Our surveyors will visit and conduct a thorough examination of any vessel before you purchase, for financing, insurance and a host of other reasons.

Our written reports detail the structural condition of the vessel as well as the overall condition both inside and out. We review safety equipment as well as providing recommendations or suggestions for potential problems we encounter whilst surveying.

This very popular service has helped grant many private and commercial boat owners’ total peace of mind concerning the integrity of their vessel.

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  • An Assess Marine Mechanical Survey reviews the condition of the vessel’s engines, generator and propulsion systems to ensure the vessel is operating safely and to its full potential.

    Further in-depth analysis of the vessel’s machinery is also available, where appropriate; which includes and is not limited to the following:

    • Compression testing
    • Oil sampling and analysis
    • Service and maintenance programming
    • Cooling systems
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